I wrote myself some advice, it may be useful for you too

1. Travel

Just go and travel. Laugh more, spend a little more, eat at better restaurants. Don’t just travel to the obvious places. Travel to places that will challenge who you think you want to be.

2. Build things

Don’t spend too much time working on other people’s visions or in meetings. Spend time figuring out what your own world view is (see point 1) and where you want to take your own life.

3. Read

Read every day. Read everything you can. Read about people. Read people.

4. Stop watching television

Right now. Stop it. Throw that thing out. It’s not helping you to get better at anything.

5. Career

Do not take that corporate job. Do what you love.

6. Trust

Even if it kills your relationships. Even if it destroys your ideas. Even if you lose your friends. Even if it means you end up getting hurt. Trust people until they give you a reason not to.

7. People

People are the best and worst thing that will happen to you. Some will help you go further and faster. Others will pull you down and help you lose. A few people will change your life forever. Find them.

8. Value time

Don’t waste time on people who you don’t trust. Don’t waste time with lovers who cheat on you. Don’t waste time with friends who don’t treat you the way you treat them (see point 7). Value other people’s time. Don’t be late.

9. Fail

Fail a lot. Fail often. Fail at love. Fail at sex. Fail at socialising. Fail at making friends. Fail at work. Fail at business. Fail with family. Fail with existing friends. Fail. But do it quickly and learn a lesson.

10. Have patience

Be patient. Trust the process. Nothing of value is formed in a minute. Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in days.